Staff Learning and Development

The Loddon Foundation invests heavily in the training and ongoing development of staff across the organisation. Training courses are designed to equip staff with the knowledge, skills and understanding to best meet the needs of our young people and to provide them with an excellent quality of life.

New employees complete a comprehensive, four week induction programme which helps them to understand the schools approach as well as the complex needs of the children and includes safeguarding, autism, communication and positive approaches to behaviour including PROACT-SCIPr-UK® and PLLUSS.  During this time, the new employee is allocated a mentor to help support the implementation of learning to practice. All employees then follow a mandatory training path, in accordance with their job role. This is co-ordinated by the schools dedicated training department.

The school has an accredited National Vocational Qualifications Centre, registered with Edexcel/Pearson and is approved to deliver qualifications including Workforce diploma in Residential Childcare, Team Leading and Management. A team of assessors and verifiers are employed by the school to support staff to achieve these work-based qualifications and the mandatory training courses attended by staff provide underpinning knowledge.

Staff professional development takes many forms and can include informal and formal learning events on a 1:1, small or larger group basis carried out onsite or offsite by internal trainers or external training providers.

The school is committed to the longer term career development of the staff team and is open to the support of relevant additional training and development opportunities including short courses, conferences and higher education such as financial sponsorship of Masters Degrees.