Loddon Foundation
The charitable trust
providing education and care
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Loddon Foundation exists to provide residential care and education for children and adults with severe autism and associated disabilities.

We are one team across Loddon School and Loddon Training working to meet the needs of the individuals in all that we do; allowing them space to be free, to ‘be me’.


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Our teams across Loddon School and Loddon Training work with the individuals in mind. Loddon Foundation ensures that this is possible through charitable management and donations.

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Our registered charity status (charity number: 802188) allows us to support children and families with education, care and the dissemination of good practice training globally.

As a registered charity, we are incredibly grateful for all donations. Your kind gifts will help fund projects, equipment and activities that will greatly enhance the lives of our children and families.

The work of the Loddon Foundation is closely guided and directed by our board of trustees. We are grateful for the extensive and varied experience of our trustees. 


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