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8 December 2021


This in house training aims to increase the participant’s awareness of autism and build empathy and understanding about the condition. While theoretical information such as the diagnosis and discovery of autism and key theories such as Theory of Mind and the Triad of Impairments are included, the content focuses on gaining an understanding of the problems that individuals with autism may experience in order to provide a high quality of care.  Practical activities and real examples ensure that this course is closely related to practice, is “user-friendly,” and focused at a practitioner level.


One Day. (This could also be run as a half-day session).

Target audience

Organisations, professionals and paid carers who provide support to adults or children with autistic spectrum disorders.

Pre-requisite knowledge and skill

There is no pre-requisite of prior knowledge required for this training. 

Assessment method

There are no formal assessments in this course, but application of learning is informally measured through group work, practical activities, quizzes and discussions.

On completing the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key features of autism and how the condition affects an individual, exploring the spectrum of autism
  • Explore the theories underpinning autism including Triad of Impairments and Theory of Mind
  • Identify neurological factors in autism and how these affect thinking and processing (sensory) information and impact upon daily life
  • Analyse the historical approaches to treatment and interventions, comparing how these have influenced current thinking
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to practice to proactively and positively support individuals with ASD
  • Empathise with and understand the condition of autism and adapt the practice to ensure quality of life.  

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