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The Loddon Conference is an annual event that brings together professionals, educators, parents, families, and caregivers to share best practices and insights on the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® framework. The conference provides an opportunity to learn from experts in the education, health and social care sectors. It is a platform for networking and collaboration, enabling attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences and insights.


The Loddon Conference 2024, ‘Breaking Barriers – Behaviour at the Heart of Behaviour,’ aims to transform understanding and management of challenging behaviours. We seek to unite experts and practitioners to explore innovative strategies and insights collaboratively. We aim to foster a more profound, person-centred comprehension of behaviour, equipping professionals with practical tools for positive change in care and education settings.


  • Enhance Understanding of Challenging Behaviours: To deepen participants’ knowledge about the underlying causes of challenging behaviours, emphasizing a person-centred approach that looks beyond the behaviour itself.

  • Showcase Innovative Strategies and Tools: To present and discuss innovative strategies and tools for managing challenging behaviours, highlighting effective practices in behaviour intervention and support.

  • Facilitate Professional Collaboration and Networking: To create opportunities for professionals from various sectors, such as education, healthcare, and social care, to collaborate, share experiences, and build networks that enhance their practice.

  • Promote the Integration of Research and Practice: To bridge the gap between current research and practical application, providing insights into the latest findings and how they can be implemented in real-world settings.

Key Messages

  • Uncover deeper insights into behaviour: Explore beyond the surface to transform care and education.

  • Connect, collaborate, and create change: Join a network of professionals committed to positive behavioural support.

  • From research to reality: Discover innovative, evidence-based strategies to apply in your practice.

Target Audience

  • Education Professionals: Teachers, special education specialists, and school administrators who work with children and young adults exhibiting challenging behaviours.

  • Healthcare Professionals: Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and other healthcare workers involved in mental health care and behavioural interventions.

  • Social Care Workers: Social workers, care assistants, and support staff working in residential care homes, community care settings, and family support services.

  • Caregivers and Parents: Family members and caregivers of individuals with challenging behaviours who are seeking effective strategies and support.

  • Behavioural Specialists: Behaviour analysts, therapists, and counsellors specializing in behavioural management and intervention.

  • Academics and Researchers: Individuals involved in studying behavioural science, psychology, and related fields, focusing on the latest research in behaviour management.

  • Policy Makers and Advocates: Those involved in shaping policies and advocacy work related to education, healthcare, and social services for individuals with challenging behaviours.

  • Training and Development Professionals: Trainers and consultants specializing in professional development in behaviour management, person-centred care, and related areas.

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Keynote Speakers

Iris Benson

Iris has been accessing services for over 25 years, with both good and bad experiences, even though most days she can be very symptomatic, with distressing voices, hallucinations, she lives a meaningful fulfilling life, despite her mental and physical health.

Iris is passionate about using her lived experience of being restrained, and many inpatient stays over a long period of time to help inform the transformation of services to further support people’s recovery. She believes that everyone has a gift, and that service users (people) should be enabled and fully supported to be able to use their many talents, to harness all the strengths they have to help others, and give Hope and Opportunity to all for a very different future.

Iris is involved in a wide range of activities within Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, working alongside staff and others who have supported and helped her on what has been a long, difficult and sad journey at times. She remains in services and feels that without all the support from her family, friends and many staff that she wouldn’t be alive today

Linda Hume (RNLD, PgCert, FHEA, MSc)

Linda is a Registered Nurse for people with Learning Disabilities and has worked in leadership roles in Health and Social care services and as a university lecturer. Currently Linda is the Coproduction and Engagement Lead at the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and Consultant at Linda Hume Consultancy.

Linda’s research interests include assessment and understanding behaviour, organisational approaches to providing person centred support, Multielement Behaviour Supports and practice leadership.  Linda is currently undertaking a Clinical Doctorate at the University of Stirling.


Andy is a highly qualified and experienced performance, executive and neurodiversity coach and trainer and enjoys utilising psychology-based coaching with a cognitive behaviour approach when working with his clients.

Understanding how the mind and body align, Andy has a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and an MSc in Psychology and has an Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching.


Emma Burtenshaw BCBA 

Emma is a BCBA with 10 years of experience supporting adults with behaviour that challenges in a variety of roles. Emma currently works for Home Group in a national role as the lead for Positive Behaviour Support and is also an Associate Consultant with BILD. Emma has been working within her current role to implement strategies to support the development of workforce within the Transforming Care sector and has particular interest in compassionate leadership and system-wide reduction of restrictive practice.

Honorary Research Fellow, Tizard Centre University of Kent. RMN, RN, RHV, BA, MSc, MA.

Having had a diverse 20 year experiences in nursing, Roy opened his own group homes in 1987 for people with intellectual disabilities and a range of other difficulties. The last 20 years have included research (and consultancy) into restrictive practices and practice leadership at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent. Roy also acts as Technical Expert to the UKAS accreditation service which certifies bodies that assess and certify RRN standard physical intervention training organisations. Prevention is central to RRN standards and Capable Environments, and both require practice leadership.

To check out publications on ‘google scholar’ enter ‘Roy Deveau’ for titles, abstracts and in some cases access to the article.

Deputy Principal

Joe is Deputy Principal of Meadowfield School in Kent. He has spent his career in special education, including a working in a residential special school. Joe is a Principal Instructor for the Kent PROACT SCIPr UK® Network where he works closely with colleagues to develop Proactive practise in schools. He runs the website inclusiveteach.com which shares free SEN teaching resources and sensory stories.

Conference Programme

Thursday 15th October 2024

9.30am – 4.30pm

Friday 16th October 2024

9.30am – 3.15pm

Registration & Coffee
Janet Bromley, Director – Loddon Training
Welcome & Setting the Scene
Iris Benson MBE HSJ Patient Leader, AHP Lived Experience Advanced Practitioner in Quality & Improvement.
The importance of listening, co-production and facilitating capable environments
Refreshment Break
Lynne Thompson BSc (Hons) Behaviour Analysis and Intervention, Behaviour Management coordinator at Seashell Trust
Capable environment – A journey through school from high incidents of behaviour of concern and restrictive practice to the reduction of behaviour of concern and Physical intervention
Mr Andy Reddy, MSc, MA, NPQSL, SENCo, PGCE
A Parent’s perspective on navigating the education system with a child with SEND

1 – Helen Wood, Head of Staff Professional Development/Senior Mental Health Lead and Lee Jackson, Senior Specialist Trainer – Loddon Foundation
“A practical approach to mindfulness – why having present and aware employees is critical to delivering effective capable environments”
2 –Sam Corbett BCBA Senior PBS Clinician PBS4
An individual’s perspective on support
3 – Laura Watts, Registered Manager and Autism Advocate – Kind Tailored Care.
My life, our journey!
4 –Luke Smith PBS Practitioner, Midway Care Group
The importance of Compassionate Leadership / Practice Leadership to support restraint reduction
Workshops – As above
Registration & Coffee
Linda Hume, RNLD. PgCert, FHEA, MSc.
Enabling Capable Environments.
Refreshment Break
Emma Burtenshaw, BCBA
Capable Environments as an intervention for colleague well-being
Joe White – Deputy Principal, Meadowfield School
The School of Joy Approach.
Mr Roy Deveau, Honorary Research Fellow, Tizard Centre University of Kent. RMN, RN, RHV, BA, MSc, MA
Capable environments need practice leadership?
Closing Remarks

Programme content may be subject to change

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  • Friday 06th of October

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Dinner & Awards Ceremony
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  • The evening of Thursday 05th of October

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  • Two Day Conference, Dinner & Awards
  • Ceremony of the evening of 13th
  • Overnight accommodation for the 05th
  • Breakfast for the 06th

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