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The Loddon School offers a 52-week residential provision, has no terms, and therefore no holiday dates. That said, parents are welcome to have their children home for weekends and over holiday periods at Christmas, Easter and during the summer. The School is always prepared to receive children back at all point during the home visit if things get too difficult at home.

Routine and regularity are important for our children to develop and learn, therefore frequent “holidays”.

There is no specified uniform at The Loddon School. Parents are asked to provide their children with suitable clothing, preferably hard wearing, non-tear materials.

The Loddon School operates a waking day curriculum, this means that education takes place throughout the day, therefore homework is neither set nor expected.

Children normally awake around 0730 and have a bath and get dressed, taking breakfast between 0800 and 0930. Activities commence after breakfast and continue throughout the day and on into the evening, interspersed with many opportunities for breaks, snacks and meals. The evenings are filled with suitable activities and allow for leisure time.

We don’t have classes or classrooms, learning takes place where-ever and whenever our children are comfortable and safe, and open to interaction and input.

Please refer to our Complaints and Compliments Policy. Issues raised from outside the School should be directed to the Principal, or if not suitable, to the Chair of Trustees.

In the first instance, you should contact the Principal by email or by calling the main School telephone number, 01256 884600.

Visit our Jobs section or contact our Human Resources team by email, or on the main school telephone number: 01256 884600.

All main entrances and exits to the school buildings are suitable for wheelchair access and have wide doors. We have disabled toilet facilities in our main school building and in our new houses. We do not have any lifts in buildings with floors above ground level, but meeting room facilities are available and accessible. Lifts can present particular difficulty for children with autism, it has therefore been felt best to exclude these from our environment.

The Loddon School is always open and regardless of weather conditions we carry on, staff make exemplary efforts to get into work to support the children, and very often we can have a mass sleepover if conditions are not safe for staff travelling home. In such situations we will contact parents and professionals who may be due to visit and advise them of whether they should or not visit.

Parents can provide pocket money for their child and will also be expected to provide their child’s clothing. We will administer a bank account on behalf of your child, while they are at School.