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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Loddon School is part of the Loddon Foundation, alongside Loddon Training. We are one integrated team working to meet the needs of the children and young people in all that we do: allowing them space to be free; ‘free to be me’.

Our PLLUSS curriculum and approach, extends across the waking day, and is designed to enable learners to develop functional skills and experience a range of activities in settings where they are comfortable and relaxed. If learners are alertly calm, have their sensory needs met, inappropriate behaviours are reduced and opportunities for learning can be successfully accessed. This can take time for some pupils to ‘unlearn’ learnt behaviours and for them to accept replacement, substitute strategies and skills. Loddon’s ethos supports pupils working at their own once pace once they are receptive and relationships with staff are well formed.

Our Mission  

Our purpose is to provide value in the education and care of children with autism, severe learning disabilities and associated complex restrictive behaviours. We achieve this by giving each child an enhanced quality of life in partnership with parents and through creative design, development and delivery of positive working methods.  

We achieve our mission by being innovational, encouraging, inspiring and holistic in our approach.   



  • Appropriate positive teaching styles to suit each child 
  • Consistent support and education from a fully integrated and multi-disciplinary staff team 


  • Achievable goals to ensure positive progress 
  • Meet the child’s needs in all aspects of daily living and independence 
  • Joint planning of post-Loddon placements 
  • Training and support for those who will work with the young people after they leave Loddon 


  • Access to the creative arts, communication skills teaching, positive interaction and sensory opportunities for each child 
  • Fully integrate parents in school life through regular communication, joint goal setting, planning and reviews, and special family events