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Loddon School
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Loddon's purpose is to provide value in the education and care of children with autism, severe learning disabilities and associated complex restrictive behaviours.

We do this by giving each child an enhanced quality of life in partnership with parents and through creative design, development and delivery of positive working methods by an excellent team. We extend the reach of our work through our training courses allowing more people and more sectors to benefit from the Loddon approach.


positive therapies

At Loddon School we adopt a holistic approach and therapy sits at the heart of what we do. Our children have access to a wide range of therapies such as aromatherapy, yoga, mindfulness, music, osteopathy and Forest School. The sessions are all led by qualified therapists and professionals who work closely with all our education and care staff. The therapy sessions are individualized to enhance all aspects of the child’s development and are developed in line with the PLLUSS curriculum.


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PLLUSS Curriculum

PLLUSS is a person-centred whole approach designed to enable students to learn functional skills and experience a range of activities in settings where they are comfortable and relaxed. If students are calm and relaxed there are greater opportunities for learning. 

How To Apply

Pupil referrals are made by local authorities. They will send all the relevant information which is then submitted to our admissions panel to make sure the ‘essential criteria for admission’ are met. Parents, families and professionals are welcome to visit the school.

Our Approach

Loddon School is part of the Loddon Group. We are one team working to meet the needs of the children in all that we do; allowing them space to be free, to ‘be me’. We achieve our mission by being innovational, encouraging, inspiring and holistic in our approach.


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