David’s testimony

As the lead teacher of Music at the Loddon School I was very excited to be part of and co create in our sensory theatre production. Having worked with young people with Autism and challenging needs for four years, mixed with my musical and media production background, I am able to use my skills at work to create something bespoke, exciting, interactive and designed with our students in mind.

This week I focused on interacting with individuals, sharing space and playing some of the original songs and soundscapes I and Robbie had created. I was able to build an illusion and add more dimensions to the story along with Robbie who I worked closely with to get the right balance and sound between the both of us. I worked very closely with Ronnie, one of students, who responded in a very positively way, listening to the music and interacting with me.

The best thing about doing music and creating soundscapes is that there are no boundaries or restrictions. Each run through can be completely original only sticking to certain structures, I am looking forward to taking this new sensory theatre company to other schools so they too can experience this exciting production.