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Loddon Winter Concert 2021

Our annual winter concert is held every December and is greatly anticipated as a showcase for our children and young people.

The Loddon Winter Concert was historically a traditional pantomime or musical, performed in front of a live audience. In recent years, this format has evolved and now we are proud to present our pre-recorded production which we have the pleasure of sharing with you for your entertainment in your own home. The quality of work each year surpasses the last; our children and young people perform on camera sharing with us the skills and their talents that they have learnt throughout the year. However, what is most important, and what shines through the most, is that our students are enjoying themselves and they are incredibly proud of their achievements – as are all the staff at Loddon. By sharing our winter concert with you in a pre-recorded format we are also able to show our audience a true snapshot of Loddon and give our families, guardians, supporters and Trustees a view of our school that they might not have seen beforehand.

In 2021, we premiered our latest production ‘A Day in the Life’, which was launched on our website to critical acclaim. This film was a true collaboration of the Loddon Schooll arts department where we used theme-based segments to intertwine with choreographed scenes with our children and young people. Using this format, we are able to accommodate each of our students and we support them so their talents can shine through. All children and young people at Loddon are featured and represented so no one is left out. We couldn’t create such an amazing film without the support from all our staff at Loddon who undoubtedly share my own enthusiasm for this project. Creating productions like this is a passion of mine; from filming and editing through to viewing the finished film and seeing all that our children and young people have done fills me with happiness and I am proud to show everyone all the ‘behind the scenes” and hard work that helped us bring our ambitious vision for our 2021 winter concert into fruition. I hope you enjoy watching the production as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

David Anderson – Digital Media Manager and Music Practitioner.