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The Merchant of Venice

In 2014 Loddon School took part in our first Shakespeare schools festival. The Coram Shakespear schools company believes heavily in inclusion and that Shakespeare, and performing on a real theatre stage to live audiences, should be accessible for all children and young people.

As a school, Loddon shares this ethos and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience taking part has given us. The impact on the children and young people has been so positive. It gives our students the opportunity to experience new places, to develop their skills with transitioning and to showcase their talents and receive immediate feedback and praise which creates a sense of pride and achievement in all who take part. Due to covid, in the last few years, the Coram Shakespeare schools company included a film submission as an alternative to performing live.

For us as a school, this has meant that we are able to include more students who enjoy performing but struggle with the transitioning and waiting aspects of a live performance. It also means that we can share the play with the whole school and parents, and students are also able to watch themselves perform which is always a joyful experience.

Katy Rado – Lead Practitioner of Drama