We’re back!

So it’s our first week back after Easter and we are now on a mission to polish and add in anything else we think it needs so that we can have a few weeks to develop the tech and sound.

Today we didn’t set up the gazebo and lights as we thought it was important to bring everything back to basics. It was now time to nail the lines, music cues and movement as these are the key points of the show. We are at the stage where we have a show but we need to do a lot of work in order to get it ready in time.

We brought Robbie along to help build a greater music contribution to the show. We worked a lot on the brave song and music for the party at the end, Michael was very keen to add in some funky music which didn’t quite work (its okay Michael we will find a place for it!) Instead we went for a sped up hockey cokey which finishes the piece on a light, fun note.

In this session we had visits from fewer students, which allowed us to do more work as I can never resist interacting with the students. It has been an interesting journey so far trying to find a balance between facilitating and showing them work we have created, obviously, what we have been doing is solely for the students’ benefit.

Next step in the process is to work on our Makaton skills as we are definitely struggling and it is holding us back at points. But the show is taking more and more shape each time we run it.