Students at The Loddon School®  frequently have difficulties with transitions in the broadest possible sense.

Transitions include changes of staff, changes of activity, new routines, beginning and ending, changes of décor and environment, travelling. Students that have difficulty accepting change often use their behaviour to avoid situations.

The Loddon School® introduces planned changes including bedroom, group and room changes to help students learn to accept these. Students are taught to follow routine using photographic aids and are prepared for known changes using these. Students are also helped to cope at these times by learning to use “go” symbols, photographic social stories and visual and verbal countdowns. For example:

  • photo timetables
  • photo instructions
  • photo countdowns
  • egg timers
  • transition books for room changes, home visits, leaving school
  • time to process information
  • opportunities to watch before joining in
  • carefully planned and programmed bus trips
  • seating plans on buses
  • frequent opportunities to leave an area, activity

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