The Loddon School®’s purpose is to provide value in the education and care of children with autism, severe learning disabilities and associated complex restrictive behaviours, by giving each child an enhanced quality of life in partnership with parents and through creative design, development and delivery of positive working methods by an excellent team.

The Loddon School® aims to:

  • Provide consistent education and support throughout the waking day with a fully integrated and multi-disciplinary staff team, fully trained and with DBS clearance.
  • To ensure all staff are committed to the philosophy of the school which was founded to provide a personalised, positive environment using only proactive approaches.
  • Provide access for all pupils to the school’s approach to teaching and learning – Personalised Learning for Life Using Supportive Strategies (PLLUSS). This is a functional curriculum that develops personalised programmes of learning to meet the needs of the pupils.
  • Monitor and record progress through a wide range of assessments: the engagement profile, externally accredited AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates, ASDAN award programme and teacher assessment.
  • Meet pupils’ needs in all aspects of daily living and independence and set achievable goals to ensure positive progress.
  • Meet each pupil’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
  • Ensure that each pupil has access to the creative arts, communication skills teaching, positive interaction and sensory opportunities.
  • Use the most appropriate positive teaching styles suited to each pupil.
  • Work in collaboration with parents / advocates and placing authorities to ensure the highest standard of service is provided at all times.
  • Ensure that parents can share fully in the life of the school, through regular communication, joint goal setting, planning, reporting and reviews, case conferences and other planned parents events.
  • Collate and analyse data regularly to provide information for measuring progress and evaluating the methods used in the school.
  • Jointly plan post The Loddon School® placement and offer training and support for staff who will work with the children and young people after they leave the school.