Admissions Procedure

We welcome visits to the school by parents, families, and professionals considering The Loddon School®  as a 52 week placement for a child aged from 8 to 19. Please contact the school‘s Main Office to arrange this.

Pupil referrals can only be made by a Local Authority by sending the relevant information (Statement of SEN, recent reports) to school. Papers will be considered by the Admissions Panel to see whether our “Essential Criteria for Admission” (severe learning difficulties, challenging behaviour) are met.

If the above are met and we have a suitable vacancy then we will offer to assess the child and provide further information about 52 week placements at The Loddon School®. No offers will be made without face to face assessment. There is no charge for this assessment. For overseas referrals we would expect the child to be brought to this country.

Following assessment, if we believe we can meet the child’s educational, social, medical and therapeutic needs, an informal offer will be made within 72 hours by phone or email to the referring officer. If the local authority wish to follow up this informal offer then a formal, contractual offer letter will be sent to the referring officer, outlining costs and the level of provision. Once this offer is accepted in writing by an authorised officer, a start date will be agreed and transition visits arranged.

Prospective pupils

Prospective pupils will commonly have a range of additional needs such as autism, ADHD, OCD, LKS, epilepsy, Fragile X and other syndromes. Because of the nature of the peer group, The Loddon School® is not a safe environment for children who have physical disabilities which impair their mobility or require regular delicate medical interventions.

Specific diets, whether for religious, cultural or health needs, can be provided by prior agreement. Ethnic, cultural or religious requirements are not a barrier to admission and the school considers itself to provide a multi-cultural environment, promoting diversity.

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