Living at Loddon

The Loddon School® provides education and care for up to 30 students. Our students live in houses of four or five children. We have three houses in our main building, three housing units located on the school site, and one house on the lane just beyond the school grounds. Our accommodation is designed to provide a varying living experience depending on the age and needs of the individual child. As a young person grows at The Loddon School® we aim to provide opportunities for greater independent living skills and our variety of houses reflect this.

All of our young people have rooms of their own, with either en-suite bathrooms or closely located suites. The decoration of each room is linked to the wishes of the young person and their parents.

The individual houses have a team of care workers, and education staff who work with the young people on a regular basis building up a strong family unit. Parents are encouraged to visit as they wish to further create the links between home and school life as one extended family unit working in close partnership.

Although the main school building has a large kitchen to provide meals for all our houses, the older students do have the opportunity in their own housing units to prepare and cook some parts of their meals, alongside additional cooking activities within the school curriculum.