leisure & well being

Students have access to a variety of leisure activities that will be available to them when they leave school and become adults. These activities provide range of experiences and interactions that the students can understand and make sense of.

Students may have no intrinsic motivation to keep fit and show no understanding of or interest in team games and sport. The school provides a range of physical activities to help maintain fitness develop skills. Students access physical and leisure activities that are functional and enjoyable. These are often the students preferred activities and provide a means of teaching core skills. For example:

  • swimming
  • cycling
  • go-karting
  • horse riding
  • pony driving
  • dog walking
  • animal care
  • walking
  • parachute games (on the ground!)
  • running
  • climbing
  • bouncy castle
  • art
  • drama
  • massage
  • group music
  • individual music
  • cinema club
  • sensory sessions

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