Outreach project in Zambia

About 5 years ago Marion was invited to go to Zambia to help support a very special school there.

Zambia is a very poor country where 40% of the population is under the age of 16. The country is overwhelmed by their task of educating all children, but especially they lack expertise in the education of children with disabilities, of which there are so many.

The challenge is to provide staff in Zambia with the skills to help these children have some kind of fulfilling life, as well as providing suitable education for the 120 children in the UTH school. This project is in association with THET (The Tropical Health and Education Trust).

The school has no resources or funds this year, so teachers have only blackboards and chalk and very little else – certainly no toys, music, sensory equipment or skills in communication.  Sadly our cats probably have more toys than the 120 children at this school,  who even lack essential supportive chairs and rugs for group work and story time.

Marion has fallen in love with these children that have so much love to offer and are excited by even the most most basic support.  We have spent the last 5 years teaching the people that look after these children the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® approach to supporting these children and showing them that each of these children have different needs.

The children have come so far already and the change is visible each time we go back to visit them.  We now return several times a year, not only to provide on-going training to the UTH and spend time with the children, but now also providing workshops for parents who have children with challenging behaviour, we were amazed by the attendance of our first workshop it far surpassed our expectations.

We are always looking to raise funds to help improve the lives of the children in Zambia, if you would like to help please visit our Just Giving page on the link above.

Memories from our trips to Zambia