Marion Cornick MBE – Founder

Marion Cornick MBE founded The Loddon School® in 1988. She has been involved in special education all her teaching life and previously held the headship of three special schools and a directorship of a large facility offering special care and education.

Marion is well known in the field of special education for the contribution she has made to improving the quality of life for a very special group of people who are often marginalised.

Marion also created Liaise Loddon Ltd, a company devoted to the support of adults in the community, providing a continuity of the same philosophy of care and education found at the school.

Marion also developed PROACT-SCIPr-UK® for the UK which is based on a philosophy that places an emphasis on a proactive approach to supporting individuals through times of behavioural crisis in a sensitive and caring manner so that the needs of the whole person are met. Physical interventions are non-aversive and supportive, and are used minimally and only when essential for safety.

Marion has written extensively and lectured both in the UK and internationally.

Marion Cornick Founder and School Trustee

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