Testimonial from Katy Rao

Throughout the last 8 weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be part of an amazing immersive sensory Theatre process.

From the point of view as a drama teacher it has been brilliant to see the students engage with unfamiliar people so well, and to see how their actions and reactions to the games and improvisation we did in the earlier weeks has helped to shape the final product.

One student was so engaged in the idea of being brave and trying new things that we used his name for our main character, another student found the idea of a fly fascinating and so we incorporated this into an early scene of the piece. Throughout the process we have taken on board student’s reactions to develop different ideas with which we came up with. The decision to keep them or come up with another idea primarily came from whether the students had a positive reaction or engagement to it.

Seeing students attend week after week filled me with Joy as it showed that they were enjoying being a part of this experience and building relationships with these new faces, which for our students can be very difficult for them.

From a professional development point of view, this experience has been invaluable to me. I have had the chance to collaborate with other professionals who have happily shared their knowledge and experience freely and I was able to share mine with them. Together we created a supportive and proactive group and I feel that I have gained new skills, particularly as a director.

The role of Director seemed to naturally fall on me as the piece developed and it gave me a newfound sense of confidence in my abilities, it also helped me to develop skills that I can continue to use within my role as a drama teacher.

I am extremely grateful and thankful to have been a part of this experience and I look forward to taking this forward and doing other similar projects in the future.

Katy Rado