I can now sign (sort of) my way through our piece!!

Today I met up with the lovely Ros Keeble who is a Makaton tutor. Lucy and I both felt that our skills in Makaton were poor and we weren’t clear if what we were signing was correct so meeting up with Ros was very important.

Ros had created a document of the signs and symbols for the key words in the script and taught me important rules such as using your dominant hand for signs and being clear when signing as a lot of signs are similar. It was amazing to learn basic language in Makaton and after a few hours I was confident signing my way through the script.

This is going to be such a useful skill for me and I am keen to learn more, so Ros I will be back. She was so patient when I made mistakes and was so enthusiastic which made me want to learn more. I think Makaton is a wonderful thing and I am so pleased that we will be able to use it correctly in our show as we really do want it to be accessible to as many people as we can. Theatre should not be limited to a certain group of people, anyone should be able to enjoy the power and beauty of it.

I can’t wait to be back next week so I can share my new signs with Lucy and the students.