What an amazing time we’ve had today, it’s our third week collaborating with teachers here at Loddon School and I can already see the potential that this show has. Everyone has worked hard this week to start materialising our idea physically, when we arrived Michael had set up our new gazebo that will be our performance space. Immediately it helped to transport our location to the attic where we are setting our piece in. Also David brought in lots of cardboard boxes (thanks for moving house David) so we were able to start blocking in the script that we had from the week before. We ran through the script, David added in his sound effects that he has found and our first scene came to life.

Soon we had an audience to interact with, repeating the first scene to find moments that each individual student would engage with and to make sure that I was signing correctly (Makaton is still very new to me). This week Rosie was very keen to partake in our spaceship song, in the first week Rosie was reluctant to join in with anything if bubbles weren’t involved, so to see her want to be involved was a brilliant. Go Rosie!

Adam also loved the first scene and the travel to space, I think he would have been very happy to stay all day. Adam laughed when the second character cheekily appeared, he was sad when the protagonist was alone and scared, then he was very happy to be blasted off to space. After space we decided to explore our next idea of where the spaceship can take us. The location of a jungle, with jungle music and puppets was a big hit with Adam, he loved the monkey!

Thomas and James were hesitant to come sit and watch the performance, but were happy to pet and interact with the puppets. While Joshua wanted to be in the spaceship box the whole time, this just means we have to make the next location we explore as fun as the space theme.

Once our session had finished with the students Lucy and I put our heads together to come up with a plan as we can see our piece developing but don’t want time to slip away. So in the afternoon we were able to get a first draft of a FULL script. Yes in week three we have a first draft, how amazing! We also developed a props list and a game plan. Thinking back to week one where we had nothing when we arrived to now where we have made so much progress, makes everything feel more real. Collaborating with the talent of Michael, David and Katy of course has made this progress possible, this show is going to be incredible.

Watch this space as week four is going to be a good one. This show is going to have so much content, sensory interactions and messages you won’t want to miss it.