A key factor to the success of our school has been the extensive use of space and environment to enhance living and learning opportunities. We have constantly developed, improved and maintained our facilities to ensure that the children have a freedom not found elsewhere and that they can feel safe and comfortable in surroundings that complement our work.

Outside, our paddocks and stables, with horses, donkeys, sheep and pigs, provide excellent learning and play opportunities, whilst physical activities and “challenges” are delivered through our outdoor play and climbing equipment. We work hard to retain the character of the formal gardens, with an ornamental pond, lawns and walled “sensory” garden.

Inside, we offer a heated swimming pool, and a leisure barn complete with its own bouncy castle.

All bedrooms and bathrooms are decorated and furnished to a high standard, and kitchens are built to ensure the children can also make best use of them. Public areas inside the school continue this theme of high standards and durability.