Inspection reports

Education Reports

The Loddon School® was graded ‘outstanding’ across all categories of the inspection in July 2018. “Parents could not be more positive about Loddon. They all have unique stories about the ‘transformation’ that they see in their own children. They say, ‘Loddon is the standard by which all special schools should be judged.’”

  • Pupils thrive at Loddon. They make exceptional progress in all aspects of their learning. Consequently, they are very well prepared for life beyond school.
  • Leaders are highly ambitious for pupils. They expect and get the very best from staff.
  • Pupils’ personal development is exemplary. Highly knowledgeable, multidisciplinary teams make life-changing differences for pupils. Pupils make significant gains in their physical and mental health.
  • Pupils’ behaviour improves significantly over time. Highly effective teaching ensures that pupils learn the appropriate communication strategies that they need to thrive.
  • Staff have exemplary insight into the abilities of individual pupils. Assessment is outstanding, including the analysis of pupils’ unwanted or unsafe behaviours. There is nothing that leaders and staff do not think about or provide for pupils.
  • Safeguarding is highly effective. Trustees, leaders and staff have absolute clarity about the additional vulnerabilities of Loddon pupils. Leaders have created a culture where adults are able to contribute fully and challenge each other where they feel things could be improved.
  • Older students are fully integrated into the school. Thus, all of the exceptional features of the school apply equally to the sixth form.