This workshop aims to support the participants understanding of the challenges arising from communication difficulties. Participants will learn a range of supportive strategies to create a positive communication environment for the individual and those around them. 

This is an introductory workshop with a practical focus and would be suited to staff working in environments where service-users may struggle to understand, express themselves or communicate appropriately and effectively. 


One day. (This could also be run as a half-day session).

Target audience

Parents, carers or practitioners who provide support to adults or children with autistic spectrum and challenges arising from communication difficulties.

Pre-requisite knowledge and skill

There is no pre-requisite of prior knowledge required for this training. It will provide general information about communication difficulties and will enable participants to reflect on their own practice.

Assessment method

There are no formal assessments in this workshop, but application of learning can be informally measured through group work, practical activities and discussion.

On completing the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand that using intensive interaction and play to initiate interaction can build positive relationships
  • Discuss the importance of teaching the replacement skills necessary to support communication and reduce behaviours
  • Explore the range of skills needed to communicate effectively and the importance of generalising these skills
  • Think about realistic communication goals for your individuals
  • Understand that personalised communication strategies and resources will support the individuals to feel confident and motivated to communicate
  • Demonstrate that an “inclusive communication approach” will have a positive impact on effective communication
  • Make simple, personalised resources and understand how they can be used to support communication
  • Understand how sensory processing difficulties and the environment can impact communication and daily living tasks

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