Personalised Learning for Life Using Supporting Strategies

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Personalised Learning for Life Using Supportive Strategies is an approach developed by staff at The Loddon School to engage students in activities which both meet their learning needs and motivate them enough to want to repeat experiences. The whole approach involves a structured process of assessment, analysis and the planning of positive learning opportunities for the individual.

PLLUSS is essentially person-centred but teacher-led. Chosen activities focus on what the pupil finds highly motivating but have clearly defined learning outcomes, identified by the teacher.

All experiences are provided within a positive, communication-centred environment, designed to maximise the pupil’s quality of life by teaching the most useful skills for life throughout the waking day, some of which will focus on replacing unwanted or restrictive (challenging) behaviours.

Sessions offered continuously within the House timetables:

Each Child/young person has an individual timetable drawn from the many different learning activities shown above. Some are available when special teachers are available and other learning activities are available at all times as the house teacher and staff are fully trained to deliver these.

The waking day curriculum

Learning takes place throughout the waking day with all staff using all activities as a vehicle to extend the learning of each child in the school. The day is shaped to help each child to deal with their sensory processing needs, so timetables are built so that there are regular sensory activities throughout the day in order to allow the child to remain calm and focused and more ready to learn. The PLLUSS Curriculum® is designed to meet the Waking day delivery.

Preferred learning – Child centred learning

The Loddon School® is committed to child centred learning and in order to create a timetable which meets the needs of the child we build an understanding about the child’s preferred learning and then base the PLLUSS® curriculum for each child around their preferred learning activities and preferred learning styles.