Outstanding AQA Centre assessor’s report

The school was delighted to have their efforts acknowledged by the AQA external assessor when he visited the school in January 2016.

The report validated the school as the on-going Centre for the award of AQA units for the students and concluded:

“ Jorge Garcia is an impressive UAS coordinator and I wish to congratulate all unit teachers for their delivery of the units. It was a pleasure to monitor The Loddon School, and I wish everyone associated with the Unit Award Scheme every success in the future.”

School receives tweet from outer space

During the weekend (16th January 2016) after Tim Peake had completed his spacewalk, the students learnt about Space and completed a wide variety of space related activities. The “wow” board was assembled with all of their work and the picture was tweeted to Tim Peake directly to show him what they had been inspired to do by his walk.

Loddon School staff were delighted to receive greetings directly from Tim after he received their picture.  Our first tweet from outer space! 

Principal’s daughter inspired by students to run Tough Mudder

Having visited her mother at school and been to the school’s Christmas play, Leah Barrett saw the work the staff did and was inspired by the fantastic children, she concluded that Loddon School was “full of happiness with the most caring staff.”

As a teacher herself, she is aware that the young people at the school have very limited communication skills and so need very specialised learning and ways of communicating with the people around them. Having run a number of half marathons she has increased the level of challenge and has entered for the Tough Mudder race which is the half marathon combined with a series of tough obstacles (involving plenty of mud).

Please support Leah as she supports the school, taking part in this tough race, to raise money to help develop the sensory outdoor play area within the school. 

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